Happy Mother’s Day!

How does she know where everything is kept? How is she right everytime? How does she figure the state of my mind just by my voice? How does she have a solution to every problem I have?!
How? These are some questions which leave every child in wonder.

Mother. The bedrock of our existence.

You might be an independent adult with tons of responsibilities but we all know that the minute you have a problem, you give your Mom a call. You know she always has a solution, albeit temporary.
She seems like an impenetrable force, full of strength, wisdom, and selflessness. Her warmth is an escape from the outside world when things get scary. It’s an eternal place of comfort, security and an inexhaustible resource of love and pamper. No matter how old you get, to her, you’ll always be her baby.

Mothers don’t seem to be normal humans, rather superwomen. They’re experts in multitasking. It’s not just with a single woman, somehow every mother manages to portray these seemingly impossible characteristics. Every woman on becoming a mother gets transformed into a beautiful and mystical angel leaving us all in awe. There’s gotta be some solid powers the almighty has been delivering to this beautiful species. Knowing you are creating life inside you indeed has an impact on your body, mind, and soul in some way.

Did I reach a conclusion? No. Maybe I never will. It might continue to be something out of reach. But contemplating about this does get me somewhere.
How does she know exactly where everything is kept? She knows about them because she cared enough to get them in place. Yes, she paid attention. You didn’t.
Why did she? Because it mattered to her. How does a small thing matter so much even when she need not care about it? Because it’s not a small thing to her. It’s a small yet significant part of an integral asset, her home.

She’s devoted enough to unknowingly pay attention to every nook and corner of her house along with taking care of her family to make it home. She tries her best to act as a glue to her family and succeeds most of the times because she’ll do everything to keep her children out of malaise.

How does she never get tired of dealing with our shenanigans? I guess she had to take some kind of oath before we were born, to shower us with unconditional love through the lifetime and take care of us tirelessly.

So an answer to all our questions would be just one word, devotion.

You’ll be able to relate if you’ve worked on something that was once a small idea and then you saw it grow bigger and get better with every stage. You put all your efforts in it and got inexplicable satisfaction when it grew because it meant a lot to you. You managed to take out time and it became one of your top priorities. You wanted it to be perfect and hence you got engaged in matters you didn’t even need to. That is Devotion. It gives all the energy and power you need.

You cannot imagine becoming as great as your Mother. She is the epitome of hard work. The goddess of grit. The true meaning of the word “beauty” and the perfect realization of the quote  “Love knows no bounds.”  She is an integral part of our palette of life, without her we would miss out on a lot.

Mother, our exquisite blessing!     

-Shruti Patel

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